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Commissioned Works
All rights reserved.
All rights reserved.
These three pieces where
commissioned by:

Romney & Charley
Richards of New Orleans,

Two pieces measures
36"W x 60"H and one is
All rights reserved.
This piece commissioned by Edwin & Barbara
Brauner of New Orleans, LA for a wedding
gift to their nephew, Trip....

This pc. measures 40"W x 30"H
This piece commissioned
by Raymond & Renee
Martinez of Gretna, LA

This piece measures:  
This piece commissioned by Alan & Jenny Power
of Lakeview in New Orleans, LA

This piece measures:  24"H x 48"W
This piece commissioned by Dana
DeGeorge of New Orleans of their
two miniature schnauzers, Sophie
and Gracie.  This painting was a
Mother's Day gift for his wife,

This piece measures:  24"H x 30"W
These 4 pieces commissioned through
Avenue Art,
910 Harrison Ave., Lakeview
for Mr. John Sens of New Orleans, LA
for his daughter, Allison Sens.

Each piece measures:  11"H x 14"W
This piece commissioned by
Tara Deeney of New

This piece measures:  24"W
x 36"H
These two pieces commissioned by Christopher Joyce.

The Pelican measures:  24"W x 48"H

The Shrimp measures 40"W x 30"H
This piece commissioned by:
Jon Lashley of New Orleans

It measures:  60" W x 48" H
This piece com-
missioned by:
Robert & Maggie
Murphy of New
Orleans, LA for
their lake home
at Lake Beulah,
This pc.
measures 36"W x
The above 3 paintings
commissioned by Brett &
Colleen Lawson as wedding
gifts for their parents.

Each piece measures either
24"Wx36"H or 36"Wx24"H
This piece commissioned by:
Jason & Amanda Gmyrek of Ellicott City,
It measures:  30" W x 30" H
Brian & Lynne Cooney for their
North Palm Beach, FL home
It measures:  48"Wx36"H