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Some Photos Before and During Renovations
The Barn Gallery
Martin Welch Art, LLC

The Barn Gallery was sold Feb. 9, 2018 along with our house located at 7938 Nelson
Street, New Orleans, LA  70125

When we purchased our home in December 2007, the previous owners told us that the garage out back was originally
a barn that was built back around the 1880's, at that time Carrollton was mostly dairy land.  The Bordes family owned
a lot of land in this area.  The father and a brother had land on what is now called South Carrollton Avenue.  One of the
other brothers owned the land we now live on at Nelson & Short Streets.  The barn was built first, then the house
around the 1890's.  We were told by the previous owners that the barn in back of our home was supposed to be the
oldest building now in the Uptown Carrollton area of New Orleans.  Over the years, one of the previous owners
decided to turn the barn into a garage and cut a big opening on the Short Street side of the barn.   Once this was done
it weakened the structure and they tried bracing it.  Over more years of neglect and after we purchased the property,
we knew we did not want to tear it down but try to save it.  After researching it for over a year we found out that there
was no grants to restore it to it's natural state.  So we decided to renovate it ourselves, with help of course.  Dealing
with contractors can be a little stressful especially when it comes to making them see "your" vision.  There were a
few things that we were not able to save, but, we did manage to incorporate old salvaged things to help bring it closer
to it original look with just a little flair.  For instance, a old metal spiral staircase that came out of a old home in the
Marigny, old St. Charles streetcar ties cut down to make posts and railings, one of the original barn door is now a
closet door, and other recycled wrought iron metal from The Green Project.  We are so glad we decided to spend the
money to turn it back into almost what it actually was and have a great new place to display my art to the public.  
Hope you have a better understanding now why we like to call it The Barn Gallery and hope you enjoyed the
Use your mouse to scroll inside and outside The Barn Gallery and also to go up and down the spiral staircase....